A Beginner's Guide to C-Sharp-CH05: Numbers and Dates in C# - Everything you need to know (ABGC)


Chapter 5 (67 pages) on C-Sharp C# Numbers and Dates. Integer types, overflows, floating point numbers Casting, try-catch, Converting strings to numbers, Rounding, Truncating, Basic math functions, Division by zero, Remainders, MODs, Fractions, Powers and Roots, Random Numbers.

Date/Times, Days of Week, Date-time values, string-formatting, Number formatting, Date-time parsing, GMT, Date arithmetic, finding the first and last days of a month time-zone concerns, Job scheduling by date.

This chapter goes into great depth on number and date issues that nearly all business programmers will see. This is not a glossed-over chapter it covers the nuts and bolts of this topic and will teach you how to trap those types of errors that invariably come up when users type bad data.

About this series: A beginner's guide to C-Sharp programming with Microsoft's Visual Studio, 2017. A complete programming guide. Simple, step-by-step, fully illustrated. Tailored for new and novice developers. Discusses basic techniques that all programmers need to learn.

This series is sold by Chapters at a low cost. A total of 28 chapters, in three volumes. Over 1800 pages, 900 quality illustrations.

This book acts as a reference guide. Topics are covered in great detail, with little time spent on theory. The goal of these books are to solve programming problems quickly and efficiently.

Why am I distributing by chapter? To keep the cost down and to keep each section manageable. I hope you enjoy reading and studying these pages as much as I have enjoyed writing them. TRW

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