A Beginner's Guide to C-Sharp-CH21: Formatting numbers Phone Numbers A real @Proper routine (ABGC)


Chapter 21 (83 pages) starts out by showing how to format numbers and dates. Then it moves into more sophisticated routines, such as formatting phone numbers, street addresses and proper names.

These routines are vastly more powerful than you would find in native C#. For example, phone-numbers, such as (208)-555.1234, 1-208/555-1234, and 555-1234 can be automatically re-formatted into your specified style, all returning a consistent picture 208.555.1234 or 208-555-1234, even adding default area-codes if missing. These routines also handle extensions and international numbers.

The C# Proper command, which upper-cases the first letter in a string is mind-numbingly stupid. The routines developed in this chapter can properly upper-case names such as Jill St.John, Mr. Bob Van Newman, and Thomas Jones, Jr.

Addresses, such as 123 n elm street can be corrected automatically to 123 N. Elm St.

These two routines are worth the price of admission.

Topics: Programmatically setting Font styles, bold, Italic, etc. Using string.format to format picture clauses. Pages of common picture clause examples. Aligning numbers along decimal points. Aligning numbers into columns.

Other topics: Date-Time formatting (a very busy topic) parsing date-times from ascii strings. All kinds of numeric formatting. Putting these new routines into a class-library - which can be linked into any program.

About this series: A beginner's guide to C-Sharp programming with Microsoft's Visual Studio, 2017. A complete programming guide. Simple, step-by-step, fully illustrated. Tailored for new and novice developers. Discusses basic techniques that all programmers need to learn.

This series is sold by Chapters at a low cost. A total of 28 chapters, in three volumes. Over 1800 pages, 900 quality illustrations.

Why am I distributing by chapter? To keep the cost down and to keep each section manageable. This book acts as a reference guide. Topics are covered in great detail, with little time spent on theory. The goal of these books are to solve programming problems quickly and efficiently.

I hope you enjoy reading and studying these pages as much as I have enjoyed writing them. TRW

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