Interactive Object-Oriented Programming in C#: With a Foreword by R.Ambrose and S. Ghosh


Are you afraid of programming? Or, perhaps you experimented with some other programming languages and now want to learn C#? Or, you have become bored with books that have invested many pages to less important topics? Or, you want to learn fast but do not want to miss the key concepts? If the answer is yes for any of these questions, then you are at the right place.
1. The book consists of four major sections which cover 15 core topics - 9 of them are dedicated to object-oriented programming, 5 of them are dedicated to advanced concepts of C# and 1 of them is dedicated to design patterns which covers 3 Gang of Four design patterns with C# implementations. Finally, you will get a FAQ section to cover all of these.
2. Why do we put so much emphasis on the word core? It is because, world is changing and new features will keep evolving but core concepts are evergreen. All new features are built on top of those. If you have a strong foundation, you can adopt the upcoming features quickly because you can understand the reason behind those changes. So, the book focuses on core topics in depth but does not try to cover a-z in C# at the same time.
3. This book is interactive . With it, you can feel that you are learning in a classroom environment where your teacher is discussing some topics and asking you questions. At the same time, you can clear your doubts by asking counter questions. It is very much important because many students cannot ask questions in an open forum due to many psychological factors. If you are dedicated to this subject and repeatedly think about these Q&A sessions, you can remake yourself in the programming world.
4. This book will not invest time on topics that are easily available e.g. how to install visual studio in your system or how to write a hello world program etc. On the contrary, the book contains a section that provides some fundamental theories with some ting questions/answers in the topics like-IL code, selection, iteration and jump statements, arrays, strings, structures ,enumerations etc., so that ,you can learn and evaluate your skills in those topics. This section will act like a reference. Gradually upon repeated practice, you will be familiar with it. This section will also help you to prepare yourself before a job interview or a semester examination to answer some tricky questions that may seem to be very easy at the beginning. Your teacher only expects that before you enter into the class, you must aware of the basic syntaxs/notations.
5. In most of the cases, youll see the complete programs with output snapshots (for different inputs) i.e. You do not need to wait to run a program to see the corresponding outputs. Programs were run both in windows 7 and 10 and snapshots are taken from visual studio community 2017 edition which is free (and latest) at the time of this writing.
6. Lastly, many of us are afraid of fat books because they do not show us the promise that we can learn it in one day or 7 days etc. but they forget that learning is a continuous process. Author also believes that no real mastery can be achieved in 24 hrs or in 7 days. So, the slogan of the book is To learn the core topics in C#, whatever efforts I need to put, I am OK with that. Still simple arithmetic says that if you can complete 2 topics per week, you can complete the book by 2 months i.e. the learning speed depends on your capability and dedication only. The book is designed for you in such a way that upon completion of the book, you will learn the core OOP concepts in C# in details and most importantly, youll know how to go further.

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Category: .NET
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PubDate: 2017-08-10 00:00:00
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