C# for beginners: Learn The basics Step by step


C# i one f th mt widl ud n important f ll mdrn rgrmming lngug. If u nd t lrn C# quikl nd inll, thi i th rft BOOK. Yu will bgin b lrning th core ftur f rgrmming vribl, ntnt, funtin nd dt t. Yu will mv n ridl t lrn but Objt Orinttin nd th mr dvnd ftur f C# nd the .NET frmwrk uh fil-hndling, data-streaming, dling with xtin (errors) nd vrriding mthd.
Evn if u trt ut a mlt beginner, b th nd f thi BOOK, u will hv built a rll lid foundation f rgrmming knwldg nd skills. If u hv m bi knwldg f C# but want to brush u ur kill, r vn if C# i ur firt rgrmming lngug, thi bk i fr you.
Lrning C# Programming i uitbl fr bginnr rgrmmr. Step-by-step, this BOOK xlin hw t writ C# code t dvl Windw litin uing ithr th fr Viul Studi Cmmunit Edition r a mmril ditin of Mirft Viul Studi Yu will lrn the bi Fundmntl f Computer Programming with C# l, how to print n th nl, hw t u rr, hw t wrk with numrl tm, hw t dfin nd use mthd, nd hw t rt nd u objects.
Alng with the bi rgrmming knwldg, thi BOOK will help u undrtnd mr mlitd nt uh tring ring, xtin hndling, uing mlx dt structures (lik tr nd hh tables), wrking with txt files, dfining utm l nd wrking with LINQ quri. Th nt f bjt-rintd rgrmming (OOP) n tblihd rh in modern ftwr dvlmnt will be covered in dth.
Thi bk ntin vr uful nd in-dth infrmtin n hw C# wrk. It i newbie frindl bk whih vr mn advanced ti lik thrding nd the nw rlll extensions. If u wnt t tud .NET frmwrk frm its fundtin thn thi i n gd bk to k on hlf. It vr a lt f bi nd th flw f infrmtin i vr digtbl fr nwbi t C#.
Thi bk rnt a complete mthdlg fr solving programming rblm, wll lgrithmi rblm in gnrl, nd hw hw t imlmnt it with a fw ml ubjt nd rgrmming xm. Thi i mthing u will nt find in n thr bk n rgrmming!

eBook Details:
Category: .NET
Author: William S. Rothschild
Language: English
Pages: 120
PubDate: 2017-03-05 00:00:00
UploadDate: 5/7/2017 2:39:14 am


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