Regulation of Cloud Services under US and EU Antitrust, Competition and Privacy Laws


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This book examines how cloud-based services challenge the current application of antitrust and privacy laws in the EU and the US. The author looks at the elements of data centers, the way information is organized, and how antitrust, competition and privacy laws in the US and the EU regulate cloud-based services and their market practices. She discusses how platform interoperability can be a driver of incremental innovation and the consequences of not promoting radical innovation. She evaluates applications of predictive analysis based on big data as well as deriving privacy-invasive conduct. She looks at the way antitrust and privacy laws approach consumer protection and how lawmakers can reach more balanced outcomes by understanding the technical background of cloud-based services.

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Category: Computer Science
Author: Sara Gabriella Hoffman
Language: English
ISBN10: 3631677391
ISBN13: 9783631677391
Pages: 249
PubDate: 2016-11-25 00:00:00
UploadDate: 9/28/2017 8:13:36 pm

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