E-agriculture and E-government for Global Policy Development: Implications and Future Directions


E-agriculture and E-government for Global Policy Development: Implications and Future Directions
By Blessing M. Maumbe

* Publisher: Information Science Publishing
* Number Of Pages: 321
* Publication Date: 2009-09-30
* ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1605668206
* ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781605668208

Product Description:

E-agriculture and e-government have transformed public service delivery across the globe, though there are still a number of associated economic, social, political, and legal challenges. E-Agriculture and E-Government for Global Policy Development: Implications and Future Directions provides critical research and knowledge on electronic cultivation and political development experiences from around the world. This authoritative reference source describes and evaluates real-life case studies, examines theoretical frameworks, and discusses key global policy development issues, challenges, and constraints on socioeconomic advancements.

Table of Contents:

Section I: E-Agriculture Development Country Case Studies

Chapter I: Awareness and the Use of Mobile Phones for Market Linkage by Smallholder Farmers in Kenya

Chapter II: E-Agriculture Development in South Africa: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects

Chapter III: Agriculture, Communication, and Socioeconomic Development: A Proposal for e-Agriculture in Nigeria

Chapter IV: Newly Emerging e-Commerce Initiatives on the Agricultural Market in Poland

Section II: E-Agriculture Development: Conceptual Frameworks

Chapter V: The Development of e-Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa: Key Considerations, Challenges, and Policy Implications

Chapter VI: Diffusion and Dissemination of Agricultural Knowledge: An e-Communication Model for Rural India

Chapter VII: Using ICT to Resolve the Modernization Paradox for Rural Communities in Africa: A Theoretical Exploration and Conceptualization

Section III: E-government Country Case Studies

Chapter VIII: Connected Government for a Developing Country Context: An Assessment of the Extent of Inter-Departmental Integration for Selected Government Departments in Zimbabwe

Chapter IX: Zambia and E-Government: An Assessment and Recommendations

Chapter X: Globalized Workforce Development and Responsible Global Citizenship Through E-literacy Capacity Building Programs for Low Income African Countries

Chapter XI: Building Capacity for Electronic Governance in Developing Countries: Critical Success Factors

Chapter XII: The Use of Information and Communication Technologies for Health Service Delivery in Namibia: Perceptions, Technology Choices, and Policy Implications

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