Access Data Analysis Cookbook: Slicing and Dicing to Find the Results You Need


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If you have large quantities of data in a Microsoft Access database, and need to study that data in depth, this book is a data cruncher's dream. Access Data Analysis Cookbook offers practical recipes to solve a variety of common problems that users have with extracting Access data and performing calculations on it. Each recipe includes a discussion on how and why the solution works.

Whether you use Access 2007 or an earlier version, this book will teach you new methods to query data, different ways to move data in and out of Access, how to calculate answers to financial and investment issues, and more. Learn how to apply statistics to summarize business information, how to jump beyond SQL by manipulating data with VBA, how to process dates and times, and even how to reach into the Excel data analysis toolkit. Recipes demonstrate ways to:
Develop basic and sophisticated queries
Apply aggregate functions, custom functions, regular expressions, and crosstabs
Apply queries to perform non-passive activities such as inserting, updating, and deleting data
Create and manipulate tables and queries programmatically
Manage text-based data, including methods to isolate parts of a string and ways to work with numbers that are stored as text
Use arrays, read and write to the Windows registry, encrypt data, and use transaction processing
Use the FileSystemObject, use XML with XSLT, communicate with SQL Server, and exchange data with other Office products
Find answers from time-based data, such as how to add time, count elapsed time, work with leap years, and how to manage time zones in your calculations
Deal with business and finance problems, including methods for calculating depreciation, loan paybacks, and Return on Investment (ROI)
Explore statistical techniques, such as frequency, variance, kurtosis, linear regression, combinations and permutations

keywords:databases and sql,databases sql,sql databases,security of databases,security databases,

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Author: Ken Bluttman, Wayne S. Freeze
Language: English
ISBN10: 0596101228
Pages: 370
PubDate: 2007-00-00 00:00:00
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