A Beginner's Guide to Web and Mobile Games with Unity: Create and publish simple web and mobile games


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10 Reasons Why You Need This Book:

Web and Mobile Games are very addictive and popular.
This book will show you exactly how to create these games, using simple and clear steps.
All sections follow a clear and logical progression.
You can use this book even if you never created games before.
The method used in this book has been tried-and-tested in previous books (average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon).
All important steps are illustrated with both text and screenshots.
You will gain the skills and confidence to create your own games.
You will truly understand how things work (i.e., not just copy/paste).
The code solution of each chapter is provided.

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to:

Create an infinite runner where the player has to avoid obstacles.
Create a 2D character and other objects using Unity's built-in sprite editor.
Export your game for the web.
Export your game to an Android device and Google Play.

Along the way, you will also learn to:

Improve your Unity and C# skills.
Combine variables, functions, loops, and conditional statements to create the structure of your game.
Create and modify the user interface from a script (e.g., score).
Detects when the player taps on the screen of a mobile device.
Learn the building blocks so that you can create your ow games.
Generate obstacles randomly.
Create a 2D environment (e.g., mountains, sky, moving clouds, trees, etc) from Unit built-in assets.

How You Will Learn

Using this book, you will learn a lot and fast thanks to:

A tried-and-tested method already successfully employed with over 1000 students all over the world.
Quizzes and challenges at the end of each chapter to test your knowledge and to inspire you for your next game.
Plenty of screenshots for the important concepts so that you see how it is done.
A corresponding video course, if you need it, that shows you exactly how things are done.
A Facebook group of like-minded people who are there to help you if you have any question.
A structure that makes it possible for you to learn at your own pace and build your confidence.

Some Frequently-Asked Questions Answered

What do I need to follow the book: you just need to have Unity installed (you can download it for free from ).
I don't have a Kindle device: this book can be read on any PCs or Macintosh computer using Kindle Reader (it's free).
I have never created games before: I will teach you everything from zero, so you only need a basic knowledge of C#.
What game will I be able to create after reading this book: you will learn to create an infinite runner.
What if I still find it too difficult: In my 5+ years of experience in teaching games development and programming, I have, developed a system that works for most students, even those who thought they could never code so I can guarantee that, regardless of your background, you will make great progress with this book.

What if I don't like the book: I am sure that you will love it but if you don't, you can always obtain a refund from Amazon.

This book will get you started with Web and Mobile games in no time so if you really want to create and publish your own game!

keywords:game development colleges,game development courses,game development schools,game development school,game development online courses,

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