AutoCAD 2017 For Architectural Design


This book shows you how to create architectural drawings and 3D models one step at a time. Brief explanation and step-by-step instructions make this book a perfect way to get started with Architectural Design using AutoCAD. In addition, you can download the working files for chapter from the website, and use them for any help.

Author first introduces the AutoCAD interface, and then moves directly into Architectural drawings. You will learn to draw walls, doors and openings, windows, stairs, and elevations. Later, you will use the 2D drawings to create a 3D model. Some of the skills you can acquire from this book are:

Import Hand-drawn drawings and use them to create CAD drawings

Use Dynamic Blocks to create doors and windows

Add dimensions and annotations to the drawing

Create elevations and 3D model

Table of Contents

Part 1: Creating 2D Architectural Drawings

Starting AutoCAD 2015

Inserting Hand Sketches

Scaling the Hand Sketches

Saving the Document

Creating Layers

Creating Grid Lines

Creating Walls

Creating Doors and Windows

Creating Stairs

Creating the First Floor Plan

Creating the Sliding Doors

Creating the Balcony

Creating Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures

Adding Furniture Blocks

Adding Hatch Patterns and Text

Adding Text Labels

Creating Elevations

Hatching the Elevation Views

Adding Dimensions

Creating Grid Bubbles

Layouts and Title Block


Part 2: Creating 3D Architectural Model

Importing 2D Drawings

Creating 3D Walls

Create the Ceiling

Creating Doors on the Ground Floor

Creating 3D Windows

Creating 3D Stairs

Modeling the First Floor

Creating the Balcony

Creating Railing

Creating the Roof

Creating the Terrain surface

Part 3: Rendering

Adding Materials

Adding Cameras

Adding Lights


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