Hack Attacks Revealed: A Complete Reference with Custom Security Hacking Toolkit


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The #1 menace for computer systems worldwide, network hacking can result in mysterious server crashes, data loss, and other problems that are not only costly to fix but difficult to recognize. Author John Chirillo knows how these can be prevented, and in this book he brings to the table the perspective of someone who has been invited to break into the networks of many Fortune 1000 companies in order to evaluate their security policies and conduct security audits. He gets inside every detail of the hacker's world, including how hackers exploit security holes in private and public networks and how network hacking tools work. As a huge value-add, the author is including the first release of a powerful software hack attack tool that can be configured to meet individual customer needs.

eBook Details:
Category: Hacking
Author: John Chirillo
Language: English
ISBN10: 047141624X
ISBN13: 9780471416241
Pages: 800
PubDate: 2001-04-05 00:00:00
UploadDate: 8/22/2017 4:34:20 pm

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