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Almost everyone has encountered the stereotypical image of hackers in movies and TV shows. Nerdy, socially impaired loners, these strange and quirky individuals display an almost magical ability to compromise any computer by simply typing sporadically and quickly into a keyboard.

Of course, the common conception of the hacker is misinformed and naive. Hacking is generally less exciting than portrayed, being an exercise in systematic and logical thinking, information gathering and problem solving. This guide will provide you with an introduction to the real world of hacking, explaining and elucidating upon the theories and ideas you will need to understand to begin your hacking journey.

This guide is aimed at the complete and utter beginner to not only hacking but computer science in general. Most hacking guides presume a basic understanding of system administration but also topics such as how the internet works or how a computer is organized. By contrast this guide will explain terms and ideas as they become relevant, keeping you up-to-date and following the flow of the guide as you read.

This guide covers numerous different topics. You will learn what hackers are and what they do, including the important distinction between ethical and non-ethical hackers. You will learn about the different categories of hacking attacks, including techniques that you might not consider hacking at all such as the nefarious social engineering techniques that build and betray trust. Additionally you will learn about the mindset of a hacker how to think about your projects in a certain way and to carefully plan your course of action.

Along the way you will learn about different technical aspects of computing and the internet. You will learn what networks are, the importance of DNS and IP addresses and how ports contribute to the transfer of information but also the creation of security vulnerabilities. Likewise you will also learn about the importance of Linux to the hacking community.

On top of this you will learn how to find and exploit vulnerabilities in a network and all the common tools and software that you will need to use to help you do so, such as Metasploit. Moreover various terms you may encounter, such as phishing or worms, will be explained. Finally you will also be instructed in how to hack into a Bluetooth headset using a keyboard, a dongle and a mobile device.

keywords:ios hacking,app development book,app development book,book app development,soa source book,

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