Experiment with the Sense HAT


The 3rd book in The MagPi Essentials range, Experiment with the Sense HAT, introduces you to one of the most powerful add-on boards ever made for the Raspberry Pi. What is the Sense HAT? Why is it in space? Learn about its amazing sensor-suite, its incredible mission aboard the ISS with Astro Pi, and build five fun and educational projects to help you sense the world around you. Master essential world-sensing skills across 10 chapters including: What is the Sense HAT? How does the Astro Pi mission work? Master the Sense HAT's capabilities Build a fun gravity simulator Make a digital Magic 8 Ball Create an interactive pixel pet Build a reactions testing game Make a powerful data logger

eBook Details:
Category: Hardware
Author: Raspberry Pi , Russell Barnes
Language: English
ISBN10: 1908256842
Pages: 76
PubDate: 2013-00-00 00:00:00
UploadDate: 6/28/2016 6:52:29 am

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