Head First EJB (Brain-Friendly Study Guides Enterprise JavaBeans)


What do Ford Financial, IBM, and Victoria's Secret have in common? Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB). As the industry standard for platform-independent reusable business components, EJB has just become Sun Microsystem's latest developer certification. Whether you want to be certifiable or just want to learn the technology inside and out, Head First EJB will get you there in the least painful way. And with the greatest understanding.

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Category: Java
Author: Kathy Sierra
Press: O'Reilly Media
Language: English
ISBN10: 0596005717
ISBN13: 9780596005719
Pages: 700
PubDate: 2003-11-07 00:00:00
UploadDate: 7/5/2016 11:55:34 am

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