Adobe RoboHelp 2015: The Essentials


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Master Adobe RoboHelp using IconLogic’s proven “skills and drills” approach to learning.

“Adobe RoboHelp 2015: The Essentials” is a self-paced, step-by-step workbook that teaches you the essential RoboHelp skills needed to create and deliver user assistance (help systems, policies and procedures, and knowledgebases).

Step-by-step instructions guide you through the process of creating new RoboHelp projects and topics from scratch. Learn to import content from Microsoft Word, Adobe FrameMaker, PDFs, and HTML files.

Enhance your topics with graphics, dynamic effects (DHTML), and adding multimedia (using eLearning content created in Adobe Captivate).
Improve the navigation of your content by adding hyperlinks, indexes, and glossaries.

Increase your production efficiency by learning about cascading style sheets, variables, snippets, and master pages. Learn how to control the look of final WebHelp and Responsive outputs via Skins and Layouts. And learn how to deliver content that can be consumed on any kind of device including iPads and other tablets, smartphones, and desktops using output formats such as Responsive HTML5, Multiscreen HTML5, WebHelp, Adobe AIR Help, PDFs, and eBooks.

This book features:

~ All of the Adobe RoboHelp projects, images, audio files, and other assets to get started (Just download the free RoboHelp 30-day trial software from the Adobe website and jump in!)

~ Dozens of step-by-step, hands-on activities
Confidence Checks to challenge your new skills

~ Hundreds of supporting screen shots

keywords:hci programs,undergraduate programs,masters programs in,masters programs,graduate programs in,

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