Evernote: 60+ Progressive Steps to Help You Rock at Work and Life by Using Evernote App (Evernote books, evernote for beginners, evernote app)


People looking for help to master the clutter that surrounds them will benefit from this book on Evernote. The basics of the software are outlined in this book to help you get started organizing your life. It is meant for the average person who needs help at work or at home. Business and personal needs are addressed with a particular focus on the importance of storage and archiving properly. We call it the solution to life’s muddle. It seeps the most apt description and it does what it says. Plus, it can be your rescuer and your desk drawer. It serves as a daily planner. You can get to appointments on the right day and time! It is your prod and your reminder bell when used as designed. Evernote does all the work.

You will find information on:

What is Evernote and how did it get started
How to set up an account and navigate the software
Where to use Evernote: the smart phone or computer (operating platforms)
Managing a messy life: grouping and arranging diverse docs
Basic uses of Evernote, the wonder tool
The role of stacks and notebooks
Sharing with others
How to correctly label files
Saving ideas as audio files
Setting up scanners
The address book

eBook Details:
Category: Misc Programs
Author: Strickland Bruce
Language: English
ISBN10: B01DX6302M
Pages: 35
PubDate: 2016-04-06 00:00:00
UploadDate: 4/11/2016 7:35:15 am

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