Take Control of A Practical Guide to Networking Privacy & Security iOS 11 (Full)


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Are you concerned about people and companies gaining access to your personal data—contacts, photos, videos, and more—stored on your iPhone and iPad, and about keeping private information private? A Practical Guide to Networking, Privacy & Security in iOS 11 helps with every dimension of controlling your own device, protecting it from marketers, thieves, and other illegal or unwanted access.

The book covers networking thoroughly in the first section, including all the basics and advanced steps in connecting safely and consistently to Wi-Fi networks, managing cellular usage to avoid being throttled for overuse, sending and receiving files via AirDrop, and using AirPlay for streaming media.

The privacy section walks through all of Apple’s set-up options and default settings, and helps you understand how your choices can result in information being sent to Apple or third parties, so you can make an informed decision. It also explains how Safari now automatically restricts and blocks Web-based tracking IDs, and tells you how to block people sending calls and messages, as well as filter text messages and identify and block unwanted voice calls. You will also learn how to use third-party apps to control the scripts, ads, and trackers that appear on Safari pages while you browse, and the ins and outs of Face ID for iPhone X.

In the third part, security, you learn about setting up a secure tunnel when you’re working away from home or a trusted office using VPN apps, turning on two-factor authentication with your Apple ID to prevent people from hijacking your account, and sort out setting up and using Find My iPhone, even when it’s just missing in the couch cushions. For anyone trying to maximize their safety and privacy, this book has all the answers with friendly step-by-step guidance alongside explanations.

keywords:networking courses,networking courses,cloud networking,networking science,science networking,

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