Android Concurrency (Android Deep Dive)


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Write Apps for Maximum Performance and Responsiveness

Threading and concurrency are as important in mobile as they are in large, distributed systems. This book does an excellent job of re-introducing us to the basic concepts and describing how to apply them to the Android framework. Even the most experienced Android developer should pick up at least a few tricks from these pages.
Dave Smith, PE, Google Developer Expert for Android

Mastering concurrency is critical to developing software with superior performance and responsiveness. This is especially true for Android, where interruptions are frequent and abrupt, and in order to be correct, programs must be aware of component and process lifecycles in addition to being thread safe.

You need a deep, Android-specific understanding of concurrencyand Android Concurrency delivers it. This guide in Addison-Wesleys Android Deep Dive series for experienced Android developers helps you leverage todays multi-core processors and heavily cached architectures, as well as major improvements built into Android 5 (Lollipop).

Top Android developer and consultant Blake Meike strips the magic and mystery from concurrent programming and presents intensely practical solutions for everything from inter-thread communication to network communication. Meike introduces a simple but powerful architectural framework you can use to address new issues whenever they arise, and offers expert guidance for debugging even highly complex concurrency issues.

Android Concurrency combines in-depth knowledge, proven patterns and idioms, and world-class insights for avoiding performance-killing mistakes. For serious Android developers, it will be an indispensable resource.

You will
Gain new clarity about what concurrency really is, and how concurrent processes work
Master best practices for writing concurrent code thats more robust and less susceptible to weird, hard-to-diagnose errors
Review the Java concurrency mechanisms Androids constructs are built upon
Shape an approach to concurrency that reflects the unique characteristics of the Android environment
Avoid widespread misconceptions that lead Android developers into trouble
Make the most of AsyncTaskbut only when its the right tool for the job
Leverage the powerful, lightweight Looper/Handler framework to support scheduled, asynchronous tasks and execute many message types
Use the Android Service component to separate business logic from UI
Understand the differences between started and bound services and use them effectively for intra- and inter-process communication
Perform scheduled tasks, including tasks requiring polling and explicit scheduling
Track down problems via static analysis, annotations, and assertions

keywords:issues with electronic medical records,electronic medical records issues,data security issues,data mining issues,sql server performance issues,

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