Application Development in iOS 7


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Learn how to build an entire realworld application using all of iOS 7's new features
About This Book
Get acquainted with the new features of iOS7 through real-world, project-based learning
Take an in-depth look at Xcode 5, Foundation, and autolayout
Utilize the full source code and assets present to build an actual interactive application
Who This Book Is For
If you are an iOS developer who is looking to understand the new features within iOS 7 and Xcode 5, then this book is for you. In order to fully understand the concepts in this book, it is recommended you have at least some experience with previous versions of iOS.

eBook Details:
Category: Programming
Author: Kyle Begeman
Language: English
ISBN10: 1783550317
Pages: 1
PubDate: 2014-00-00 00:00:00
UploadDate: 7/7/2016 6:07:51 pm

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