Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal Arts


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If you're new to the concept of Ceremonial magick, this is a good book. However if you're looking for low magick, there's plenty of books out there. The market is actually saturated with low magick 101 books. IT's actually kind of sickening.
So to come across a primer in basic magick without any kind of bla bla bla theology crud behind it like Crowley and the others. Sure he doesn't delve very deep into the reasons for why you use said rituals, ANother fault I have with the modern Pagan Community at large. I don't blame him though as you actually do have to wade through the principles and other guidelines that Crowley ad Reguardie and all of them go into in other books. So this is more like supplimental reading. Especially if you want to pratice magick and not just read about it.

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