The Refractive Thinker: Vol XII: CYBERSECURITY


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Join Bill Bonney, Matt Stamper, and Gary Hayslip and contributing scholars for this next volume in the 15 time award winning series as they discuss current research regarding the challenges of the world of cybersecurity and its effects in and on the marketplace. This volume contains research shaping the conversation regarding what the future may hold to protect businesses and consumers regarding the perils of digital technology. As you read the pages ahead, we ask you to ask yourself: What should I be doing to make a safer cyber world? This is critically important if were to reap the benefits promised in this new digital age.

Chapter 1: Dr. Tracy Celaya
Cybersecurity in Human Resources on Multiple Fronts
Chapter 2: Dr. Joe Hage
Effect of Cybersecurity Risks on Business Continuity and Organizational Performance
Chapter 3: Dr. Adam Pierce
Hiring Outsourced Cybersecurity Professionals for DoD Contracts
Chapter 4: Dr. Ivan Salaberrios
Using Cryptocurrencies to Fund Small Business: Managing the Cybersecurity Risks
Chapter 5: Dr. Loyce Chithambo
Challenges of Setting Policy to Reduce Cyber Attacks in the Information Technology Industry
Chapter 6: Dr. James Rice
The Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenge
Chapter 7: Dr. Susie Schild & Dr. Robert Boggs
Access Control and Authentication and the Cloud
Chapter 8: Dr. Temeaka Gray, Dr. Aaron Glassman, Dr. Cheryl Lentz, & Dr. Gillian Silver
The Impacts of Integrity and Ethics on Cybersecurity in Higher Education

keywords:system security,system security,it systems security,systems security,security for networks,

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