Advances in Statistical Multisource-Multitarget Information Fusion


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This is the sequel to the 2007 Artech House title, Statistical Multisource-Multitarget Information Fusion. This book addresses the large number of significant advances that have appeared since the publication of the first book, both practical and theoretical. The book presents systematic integral and differential calculus for multisource-multitarget problems, providing a methodology for devising rigorous new techniques. It provides engineers and students with a comprehensive approach to multisensory-multitarget sensor management and resource management Level 4 data fusion.

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Category: Telecommunications
Author: Ronald P S Maher
Language: English
ISBN10: 1608077985
ISBN13: 9781608077984
Pages: 1128
PubDate: 2014-10-24 00:00:00
UploadDate: 8/29/2017 9:09:32 am

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