Mobile Ad Hoc Networking: The Cutting Edge Directions


This book provides up-to-date information on research and development in the rapidly growing area of networks based on the multihop ad hoc networking paradigm. It reviews all classes of networks that have successfully adopted this paradigm, pointing out how they penetrated the mass market and sparked breakthrough research.

Covering both physical issues and applications, Mobile Ad Hoc Networking: Cutting Edge Directions offers useful tools for professionals and researchers in diverse areas wishing to

learn about the latest trends in sensor, actuator, and robot networking, mesh networks, delay tolerant and opportunistic networking, and vehicular networks.

Chapter coverage includes:

• Multihop ad hoc networking
• Enabling technologies and standards for mobile multihop wireless networking
• Resource optimization in multiradio multichannel wireless mesh networks
• QoS in mesh networks
• Routing and data dissemination in opportunistic networks
• Task farming in crowd computing
• Mobility models, topology, and simulations in VANET
• MAC protocols for VANET
• Wireless sensor networks with energy harvesting nodes
• Robot-assisted wireless sensor networks: recent applications and future challenges
• Advances in underwater acoustic networking
• Security in wireless ad hoc networks
Mobile Ad Hoc Networking will appeal to researchers, developers, and students interested in computer science, electrical engineering, and telecommunications.

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Category: Telecommunications
Author: Stefano Basagni, Marco Conti, Silvia Giordano and Ivan Stojmenovic
Language: English
ISBN10: 1118087283
ISBN13: 9781118087282
Pages: 888
PubDate: 2013-03-04 00:00:00
UploadDate: 2/17/2015 11:02:04 pm

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