Abstract art history: 1. How to easily understand and interpret modern art and abstract art. Book # 1 .

Abstract Expressionism spread beyond New York and the West Coast of the United States after World War II, and the art world changed forever. Although from the beginning (even to many art critics) aroused outrage among critics, the seductive aesthetic of the canvases by Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Vasili Kandinsky and other artists from different countries, managed to establish themselves as iconic and tremendously respected elements of art 20th century This series presents the concise biographies of the most important exponents of modern art, as well as examples of his most outstanding works and is proposed as a guide to understand this current desired and controversial in many social sectors.
In this work, which is complementary to two other books, it is also intended to clarify some questions that revolve around the abstract concept, both among art scholars, students and in all people who are spectators:

Is it really true that abstract art is overrated?
How to make abstract art?
How is abstract art described?
What is abstract art?
What does abstract art convey?
Who is the creator of abstract art?
What is the history of abstract art?
Are the painters, sculptors and other artists who perform this type of work simple learners or are they experts in the technical and pictorial areas?
Should I dedicate myself to abstract art and set aside realism, impressionism, landscaping and other currents that I am passionate about, but that apparently were being set aside by abstract art, both in prestigious art galleries and modern museums?
How is abstract art defined?
Will I be well regarded by current critics if I am not part of the artists that focus on modern art?
Do I have to do modern art to be able to exhibit in the best rooms in the world?
If I want to become recognized as an artist, must I necessarily learn to produce abstract art?
Can someone start doing abstract art without having learned the techniques and aesthetic concepts that other artistic trends require?
Does making abstract art make me a modern artist, of my time or quite the opposite?
If I do abstract art, can I sell my works in millions of dollars?
If abstract art is subjective, how will critics know, or even myself, if my work is good or not?
Which of the art critics, those in favor or against, are right?
Is abstract art the result of higher intellectual development or vice versa?
Types of abstract art
Characteristics of abstract art
And many other questions are addressed in these books that will give the reader current knowledge and bases to understand one of the most important currents of modern art.

Authors: Julio Cesar Sierra Ruiz

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 10/1/2021 12:57:12 PM

Format: epub

Pages: 57



Language: English



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