Nimble: Make Yourself and Your Company Resilient in the Age of Constant Change [Audiobook] .

"Nimble shows how we can anticipate and adapt to an increasingly chaotic world – and become better leaders, strategists, and innovators along the way." – Adam Grant, best-selling author of Originals

Cutting-edge insights for succeeding in times of chaotic change

Today's world is best described by one word: turbulence. Every leader today knows they need to be nimble, agile and resilient – but how?

In this engaging and insightful new book, management strategist and Wharton Fellow Baba Prasad sheds new light on the subject, and offers practical advice for executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who'll need the skills to face the unpredictability, risk, and deep uncertainty that lies ahead.

Filled with vivid examples and insights from around the world and throughout history – from the Brazilian rainforest and the "frugal innovation" of 19th century Indian engineers to Ericsson, Lego, Burt's Bees, and Zara – Nimble reveals what sets the most nimble leaders and organizations apart from the competition, presenting five types of agility that help individuals and companies not just survive but thrive in times of great change:

Analytical agility: Understanding the real problem
Operational agility: Driving leadership through action
Innovative agility: Finding creative solutions when you need them most
Communicative agility: Solving problems together
Visionary agility: Going beyond the here and now
It is possible to embrace change and uncertainty without sacrificing innovation and growth. Nimble shows you how.

Authors: Baba Prasad (Author), Sunil Malhotra (Narrator)

Date: 2018

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Language: English



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