POWERFUL POSITIVE STATEMENTS: The power of claims to attract success and prosperity [Audiobook] .

The Truth about the Claims

Daily practice of the affirmations is a good thing to exercise. Affirmations help to build a person if they are done with the positive intention of doing so. However, sometimes affirmations can work to give the opposite results.

The Starting Point

One way to exercise the technique of affirmation is through oral statement. The verbalization of positive statements to describe and relate to a particular topic would be very effective if done consistently and continuously.

When the statement is verbalized, it is often absorbed by the subconscious mind and produces the positive response action. However, too much affirmation where it is not really deserved will cause an individual at the receiving end of the affirmation to be overconfident and even selfish.

Using the affirmation technique is a great way to motivate yourself or those around you. When in a desperate or crisis situation, this useful way of keeping the mind level and focused is an advantage.

Unfortunately for most people affirmation is used more in a negative than a positive way. By repeatedly stating a negative statement either verbally or in the thought process, this statement is in effect playing a convincing role in eventually producing the negative outcome it heralds.

Affirmations embedded in the conscious and unconscious have a similar function to that of a computer system. That is, the computer can only work with the programs it has been fed. Asking the computer to do a job it doesn't know about is something it simply cannot or will not do.


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