The Italian Kid Did It: How I Turned $3K into $44B and Achieved the American Dream [Audiobook] .

Entrepreneurs, business owners, investors: Here is the rare, no-nonsense advice you haven’t heard – straight from Paychex founder and billionaire philanthropist Tom Golisano – to overcome the most common (and some not so common) obstacles to live a successful life.

Watching his father struggle to support his family through bigotry and other challenges in being an Italian immigrant, Tom Golisano learned early on the value of thinking outside the box and not letting perception sway your view of reality.

Now, for the first time, Golisano shares the political shenanigans, behind-the-scenes stories, significant characters from his remarkable life, and key insights to thrive in your career. Filled with humor and wisdom, The Italian Kid Did It!

• Reveals the secrets behind much of Golisano’s success and teaches you how to apply those same success-hacks to your own life
• Emboldens you to see the world differently in terms of what’s possible despite what others may have you believe
• Entertains and enlightens you along the way, with Golisano’s stories of running for governor two times, purchasing a failing NHL franchise, the Buffalo Sabres, and dry sense of humor throughout

The American Dream is possible to all of us if we are willing to take risks and work for it. The stories, wisdom, and insight in The Italian Kid Did It! just might be the shortcut you need to get there faster.

Authors: Tom Golisano

Date: 2022

Upload Date: 6/1/2022 11:49:15 AM

Format: mp3

Pages: 1



Language: English



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