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Health and CareAdvancing,Download,Grounded,Library,Methods,Mixed,Theory

This groundbreaking book introduces an innovative new perspective on mixed method grounded theory methodology (MM-GTM) by conceptualizing it holistically as a distinct, qualitatively driven ...

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Health and CareActivities,Challenges,daily,Discomfort,Download,Embrace,epub,Every,Library,Look

In Win Today , John Fisher gives readers the tools to complete any goal. Through personal anecdotes and life lessons, he shows readers out to chart their path and follow it.

These less ...

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Health and CareAging,Download,Embrace,epub,Humor,Library,Life,Loving,through,Wellness

Turning 50 is often a line in the sand for women. On one side is youth, on the other is the decline into old age. But that doesn’t mean we have to look old or act old — in fact, it’s quite t ...

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Health and CareDownload,Library,Respecting,Rethinking,Sexuality,Stud,Work,Workers

In the early twentieth century, abolitionists sought to stamp out sex work by penalizing all involved. In the generation that followed, neo-abolitionists looked at the sex industry from a fe ...

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Health and CareApproach,Download,Experience,Games,Library,Multimodal,Multimodality,Player,Routledge,Studies

This volume puts forth an original theoretical framework, the ludonarrative model, for studying video games which foregrounds the empirical study of the player experience. The book provides ...

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Health and CareAncient,Babylonian,Download,East,Grammar,Handbook,Library,Near,Oriental,Section

Akkadian, written in the cuneiform script, is the most important language of the Ancient Near East and one of the most important members of the Semitic language family. Old Babylonian is the ...

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Health and CareConversations,Download,Elements,Library,Sociolinguistics,Strangers

This Element documents the evolution of a research program that began in the early 1960s with the author’s first investigation of language change on Martha’s Vineyard. It traces ...

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Health and CareBladder,Disease,Download,epub,It's,Library

The dream of every patient diagnosed with interstitial cystitis/bladder pain syndrome is to find a treatment that will eliminate their bladder symptoms and pain, get a full night of sleep wi ...

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Health and CareChinese,Download,Films,Library,rar,Shows,Studies,Translation

This book explores translation strategies for films and TV programs. On the basis of case studies on subtitle translations, it argues that translators are expected to take into consideration ...

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Health and CareDownload,epub,Library,Linguistics,Manual,Manuals,Phonetics,Phonology,Romance

This handbook is structured in two parts: it provides, on the one hand, a comprehensive (synchronic) overview of the phonetics and phonology (including prosody) of a breadth of Romance langu ...