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Religion OtherDownload,Islamkundliche,Library,Metaphysics,Presence,rar,Re-Centering,Religion Other,Shrine,Sufi

Recentering the Sufi Shrine is a study of ritual, Sufi eschatology, and vernacular theopoetics of pilgrimage to Sufi shrines in the Indus region of Pakistan. The book examines the distinctio ...

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Religion OtherChristianity,Crossroads,Download,epub,Exegetical,Islam,Judaism,Library,Religion Other,tension

The art of interpreting Holy Scriptures flourished throughout the culturally heterogeneous pre-modern Orient among Jews, Christians and Muslims. How were the interactions and how productive ...

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Religion OtherDownload,Explanation,Gods,Horizons,Inquiry,Library,Minds,Naturalistic,rar,Religion

Why are humans obsessed with divine minds? What do gods know and what do they care about? What happens to us and our relationships when gods are involved?

Drawing from neuroscience, ev ...

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Religion OtherDownload,epub,Heart,It's,Library,Love,Reflections,Religion Other,Soul,Your

An empowering collection written by Jenna Ortega, the award-winning actress starring in the hit Netflix series WEDNESDAY. These deeply personal stories and quotes are accompanied by beautifu ...

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Religion OtherAncient,Culture,Download,Fallibility,Forgetfulness,Fractured,Late,Library,Rabbinic,Religion Other

A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Presss Open Access publishing program. Visit to learn more.

This book examin ...

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Religion OtherDownload,Great,Library,Qur'an,Religion Other,Themes

This is an introduction to the Qur’an for those who want to know more about it and do not know where to start. In it, Jacques Jomier takes selected passages and points out their distin ...

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Religion OtherDownload,Essays,Library,Making,Other,rar,Religion,Religion Other,Shift,Study

Although many would today argue that the onetime dominance of the phenomenology of religion has receded, and with it the traditional approach to studying religion as a unique and deeply-felt ...

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Religion OtherAshkenazic,Ashkenazis,Biblical,Demographic,Development,Download,Early,East,European,Israelites

Who were the early ancestors of East European Ashkenazic Jews, how were they related to the biblical Israelites/Judeans, and when and from where did they arrive in Eastern Europe? This book ...

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Religion OtherAstronauts,Daniken,Download,epub,Erich,Extraterrestrial,Gods,Identity,Library,Religion Other

Bestselling author Erich von Dniken explores the evidence of ancient visitors treated as gods in religious scripture and mythology. His findings shake the foundations of both science and fai ...

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Religion OtherAges,Authorized,Companion,Download,epub,Esoteric,Guide,Hall's,Landmark,Library


No other book in history has done more to clarify the Esoteric, mystical, and occult traditions of the world than Manly P. Halls The Secret Teachings of All Ages ...