Chemical Evolution across Space and Time: From the Big Bang to Prebiotic Chemistry (ACS Symposium Series) .

The concept of evolutionary change is a fundamental thread linking the sciences. An evolutionary perspective can provide one framework for unifying and advancing the sciences, and chemistry has made important contributions to our understanding of evolution. Chemists today use principles of evolution and take lessons from chemistry in nature to advance modern chemistry in areas such as agriculture, energy, new materials, and pharmaceuticals. The book explores the evolutionary nature of chemistry and the scientific evidence that supports it, and is a source of ideas for integrating these concepts in chemistry courses. The publication will be of interest to chemists, instructors and students of chemistry, and all others with an interest in the evolution of the universe in which we live.This volume continues the theme of Chemical Change Across Space and Time: From the Big Bang to Prebiotic Chemistry. This second volume begins with origins of life and culminates with applications of the concept of chemical evolution in modern society.

Authors: Lori Zaikowski

Date: 2008-02-15

Upload Date: 4/27/2017 3:55:01 PM

Format: PDF

Pages: 448



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 0841274312

ISBN13: 9780841274310

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