Chess: How to Play Chess for (Absolute) Beginners (Chess for Beginners) .

The Game of Kings is Now at your Fingertips! Join the Casual Chess Revolution Today!

You want to learn the game of Kings, Generals, Conquerors, and Intellectuals
But learning Chess on your own isnt easy.
Many Chess books for beginners overload you with information about openings, tactics, forks, history, notation, and lot of other things beginners dont need to know.
That might work for some people. But in this highly anticipated prequel to the Conquer your Friends series, Im going to SHOW you how you can play the game of Chess AND WIN in a heinously short amount of time.

Chess for Beginners (Yeah, Real Beginners)

Hi, my name is Maxen Tarafa, and Im a Skill Artist. Most teachers struggle to show beginners how to play Chess because they forget what its like to start from the beginning. I specialize in working with beginners and casual players, and now Ive broken down the specific needs of the (absolute) beginner.
You see, I believe Chess belongs to regular people who enjoy playing Chess with their friends or at home, not in the hands of experts who use incomprehensible terminology and notation.
After working with several beginners, I realized their greatest struggle is not just remembering how the pieces move, but seeing the board beyond where the pieces physically sit. Im going to show you how to play Chess using step-by-step images with arrows and interactive exercises, and I'm going show you how to start winning in a heinously short amount of time.
Learn or Teach – Great for Adults, Kids, and Teens
Who is this book for? Perhaps, youve never played Chess but youve always wanted to learn.
Or maybe, youve already learned how to move the pieces, but you need an easy, straight-forward refresher.
Or perhaps, its time to show your son or younger brother how to play Chess and you want to review the basics, so you can make sure you nail the questions beginners ask most.
Whether youre brand new to Chess or you just want to pass the tradition down, this book is for you.
In this book, you learn how to:
Quickly and confidently move each piece from Pawn to King
Set up the board from memory quickly and correctly everysingletime
Use my step-by-step method for commanding the puzzling Knight
Harness the power of your mind to visualize the board and gain an edge over your opponent
Learn the little-known reason why most beginners lose and how to use it to your advantage
Employ a three-question checklist to ensure you dont lose your pieces for no good reason
Blow your opponents mind! Predict your opponents strategy three moves ahead and stop their plan before theyve even tried it

Feel Free to contact me for book requests, informations or feedbacks.
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Authors: Maxen Tarafa

Date: 2015

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