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Are you tired from the complicated chess books, and you want a simple, straightforward guide to learn this game in a short time?Were you fascinated by the gorgeous chess player in The Queens Gambit show on Netflix?
I know I did. When I finished the show, I had a great idea I decided to look for the greatest chess players in New York City and ask them about chess and how they became great at this fantastic game. I chose New York because, believe me, some very professional players who havent been given a chance to prove themselves.
In this book, you will learn:
-How to quickly memorize all the pieces and their movement options
-How to get a competitive advantage over other beginners by learning simple tactics
-Develop your chess skills FAST with tried-and-tested practice strategies
-How to join an offline or online chess club that's perfect for your skill level
-The best winning strategies

You will learn why you have to play this game and its fantastic history
No matter if you're just learning the rules of chess or looking for ways to boost your skills FAST, this book will take you to a whole new level. You don't have to spend years memorizing possible turn combinations – simply learn the underlying tactics and strategies and start enjoying confident victories today!
When you finish, you will be a much better chess player, I can promise you that.

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Authors: Sam S Haward

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/15/2021 5:13:14 PM

Format: epub




Language: English



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