The Real History of Jesus Christ .

The Real History of Jesus Christ
The story of Jesus Christ goes much deeper than His crucifixion and resurrection.
Few will dispute that a man named Jesus Christ lived 2,000 years ago and that He was a great teacher who impacted the world. Christ made a controversial claimthat He was the very Son of God, the long-prophesied Messiahcausing religious authorities in Jerusalem to reject Him, hate Him and eventually succeeded in having Him put to death.
Likewise, the local Roman civil authorities also saw Him as a threat and became complicit in His execution. The religions of His day, both Judaism and paganism, opposed the growth of His teachings and used unlawful and violent means to try to destroy the Church He founded. The government of Rome also came to vigorously persecute the followers of this Jewish teacher from Galilee.
Today, there is much confusion and questions concerning this controversial figure. Where can you go for the answers? The Bible.
This Bible Study aid booklet, "The Real History of jesus christ" will help explain what is written in the Bible about Jesus Christ. You can discover the answers to these questions and more: Who was Jesus Christ of Nazareth? Where did He come from? When was Jesus Christ born? What did Jesus teach? Was He God in the flesh? What did Jesus look like? Was He only a man? Why did He die?
Discover the true, fascinating story that so few understand. The story of the greatest Man who ever lived and the misunderstood message He preachedthe gospel (good news) of the coming Kingdom of God!
Inside this book
The birth of Jesus Christ
Why Christmas is Celebrate on 25th of December
12 Days of Christmas
Christmas Candles
Christmas Carols
Snow and Ice in Christmas
Get your copy now to know completely about the jesus life!!

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Date: 2021

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