Recent Progress in Steel and Composite Structures: Proceedings of the XIII International Conference on Metal .

Recent Progress in Steel and Composite Structures includes papers presented at the XIIIth International Conference on Metal Structures (ICMS 2016, Zielona Gra, Poland, 15-17 June 2016). The contributions focus on the progress made in theoretical, numerical and experimental research, with special attention given to new concepts and algorithmic procedures, and to background knowledge as well as the development and implementation of rules and recommendations for codification worldwide.

The keynote contributions are from: (1) J. Michael Rotter (University of Edinburgh, UK), on advances in the shell buckling phenomenon, which is of particular importance for industrial metal structures such as silos, tanks and vessels (2) Milan Veljkovic (Lulea University, Sweden), on conceptual and design aspects of supporting structures for wind energy generation, which topic is related to the current worldwide discussion on the benefits of wind power in the light of high vulnerability of modern economies to changes in fuel prices and the imminent shortage of fossil resources (3) Jiang Qian (Tongji Univeresity, China), on advances in seismic assessment and control of steel-concrete composite high-rise buildings (4) Johan V. Rietief (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa), international efforts to harmonize and unify reliability-based codification within the area of civil engineering structures. Recent developments in metal and steel-concrete composite structures in Poland are summarized in the 5th and final keynote paper by Tomasz Siwowski (Rzeszw University of Technology, Poland) and Krzysztof towski (Gdask University of Technology, Poland), in which they describe advances in modern structural shaping, material engineering and technology, as well as in computation and design, using examples of recent, spectacular bridges and sporting venues in Poland.

In addition to the five keynote papers the book contains 62 two-page extended abstracts of individual contributions delivered by 164 Authors and Co-authors from 13 countries of four continents. The CD containing all full-length papers is an attachment to the conference book. The individual papers cover a wide variety of topics:

-Cold-formed sections and profiled sheeting

– Steel-concrete composite structures

– Buckling and effect of bracings

– Dynamics, fatigue and seismic analyses

– Bridges, Structural steel, metallurgy and behaviour in fire

– Strength, stability and postbuckling behaviour

– Joints and connections

– Silos, tanks and vessels and

– Reliability, masts and towers

Recent Progress in Steel and Composite Structures is a useful reference source to academics, researchers, graduate students and practicing engineers.

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Authors: Marian A. Gizejowski and Jakub Marcinowski

Date: 2016

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