Chia Seeds for Everyone!: A Cookbook Teaching You How to Use Them! .

I almost feel like adding chia seeds to my meals now is adding a magic powder filled with goodness. You may feel the same way after you are done reading about the numerous benefits contained in the little gray seeds. You may also like me, add chia seeds to almost everything just by habit.

Keep them on your kitchen counter in an air-tight container, just as you would do with your salt, pepper, or other spices. You do not love the taste? Not a big deal. Actually, chia seeds are pretty much tasteless, but the beauty is that you never have to eat them alone or plain you can always add them to your favorite dishes to benefit from their nutritional value.

In this cookbook, we will educate you on the many health benefits the little seeds can bring you. We feel it is crucial that you understand just how good they are for you. Then, you can turn around and educate your children. I think it is especially important for your older teens and college students. Send them off to college with a bag of chia seeds and send them some more on a regular basis. They may not quite understand at first what the big fuss is all about, but they can easily add them to their shakes and soups without thinking too much about it. Tell them to do it for you, for mom and dad, if that is the only thing they can remember.

Also, find your own favorites. As always, this book is not strictly about following our suggested recipes, but it is enabling you to discover the great cook in you. Applying your creativity here is essential as we know we cannot cover all the dishes where chia seeds can be added. Remember one thing however, dont use a large quantity at one time because chia seeds will expand when combined with liquids.

Let us follow this chia seeds journey together and start making some delicious and healthy meals!

Authors: Various

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/13/2021 11:21:35 AM

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Language: English



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