Delicious Plant

Living healthy means eating right and practicing other healthy practices like exercising. Most often, we are challenged with the demands of society to trade healthy ingredients for unhealthy ones while in the course of filling our tummies daily and keeping to convenience.

The world has made a change, and in this cookbook, I am happy to tag along with the positive change. A whole plant-based book that focuses on using ingredients that are entirely sourced from plants for cooking.

Over time, food science proves that animal-based foods could be harmful to human health, posing threats like hypertension, high blood sugar, stroke, etc. Therefore, having followed this dieting path for many years, it serves as a suitable medium and time to share some of my best-made meals on the plant-based diet.

This cookbook comprises thirty of my most comfortable, simplest, and tasty plant-based foods that require little time to cook while using readily available ingredients.

It covers foods around the different meal types to ensure that you have something to work with around the clock.

They are satisfying, nourishing, heart-warming, and I believe that your family and friends will enjoy every bit of them.

Come along as we explore plant-based eating together!

Authors: Blomgren, April

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 7/13/2020 10:52:16 AM

Format: epub

Pages: 85



Language: English



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