How to Eat to Beat Disease Cookbook: 75 Healthy Recipes to Protect Your Well

Bolster your bodys natural defense systems through diet with this complete guide and cookbook
Your body has powerful systems in place to keep you healthy and prevent disease, and the foods you eat can help those systems function at their best. The How to Eat to Beat Disease Cookbook offers a complete overview of the popular Eat to Beat Disease program by Dr. William Li and provides a meal plan and 75 delicious recipes to help you implement the program.
How to Eat to Beat Disease Cookbook includes:
-Bioactive recipesEach recipe has at least three bioactive (or health-promoting) ingredients, from fresh produce to herbs and spices, so you can maximize the benefits of every meal.
-A 14-day meal planEasily adopt the Eat to Beat Disease program with two weeks of pre-planned meals and grocery shopping lists to help you get started on the right foot.
-An intro to the bodys defense systemsLearn about the bodys five major disease-fighting systems (angiogenesis, cell regeneration, microbiome health, DNA protection, and the immune system), how they work, and how food supports them.
-Recipe tips and tricksFind variation suggestions with most recipes so you can make the dishes even healthier and adjust them to suit every taste and dietary preference.

Help your body heal and protect itself with the practical guidance in How to Eat to Beat Disease Cookbook.

Authors: Ginger Hultin RD MS, Hultin RD MS, Ginger

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/14/2021 11:52:26 AM

Format: PDF




Language: English



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