Little Koalas: Simple superfood recipes for toddlers, adults, & busy parents .

Simple toddler-approved recipes made with clean ingredients and pure love from Onyx Ivory and her mama. Includes 75 original and innovative plant-based high-vibrational appetizers, snacks, breakfasts, breads, entrees, raw tempered chocolates, desserts, and beverages.Sara has spent the last decade of her life developing creative, innovative raw food and plant-based recipes utilizing unique ingredients in the kitchen. Nearly disabled by crippling digestive issues, she didn't eat healthy until food began to turn her life around at 22 years old. Her cooking avoids digestive irritants such as garlic and onion, and looks to inspire the simplicity of cooking and baking that highlights the natural flavors of food rather than covering them with seasoning. Many recipes utilize fruit as sweeteners, and most recipes include medicinal benefits and culinary technique. While walnut, pecan, cashew and other nuts can be swapped out for many nuts and seeds, she looks to keep things sourced from sustainable and ethical companies that treat workers and nature with care. She has included her affiliates and discount codes in the back to support small, conscious companies while creating multiple lines of income to care for Little Onyx. All of these recipes were assisted by Onyx with measuring, peeling, sometimes chopping, foraging, harvesting, and taste-testing. The lack of leavening agents and eggs makes most batters kid-friendly for tasting!Sara has worked as a raw foods chef and instructor for Matthew Kenney and many private clients. She holds a Master's of Science in Nutrition specializing in Clinical Research. Her thesis focused on gut microbiome and dietary interventions. Prior to her M.S., she attained degrees in Medical Biochemistry, Neuroscience, and Psychology. Currently she works as a health specialist focused on enjoyable, fun-filled and easy ways to slowly lead to a longer, healthier lifestyle through superfoods, fasting/cleansing, and happy lifestyle.

Authors: Sara Eleanor Yarbrough, Onyx Ivory Goike, Yarbrough, Sara Eleanor, Goike, Onyx Ivory

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/13/2021 10:14:48 AM

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Language: English



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