Quarantine with Protein: Protein

Stuck at home and need to eat? These recipes were curated with the full essence of 2020 quarantine life that will get you through anything. Whether that's meeting your nutritional goals or making all the delicious meals you enjoy going out for right at home, this book has got you covered regardless of whether you're in quarantine or not.

Recipes provide fun, delicious, and new ways to get protein into your meals that will rival your go-to brunch date spot. Protein-packed recipes will help you make the most out of your meals to meet your fitness and nutritional goals. Trying to eat balanced meals without drowning in protein shakes and salad dressing? This book will provide you with what you need so you can keep eating pastas, pancakes, and enough sweets to satiate that sweet tooth. Replacing common carbs and fats with protein will allow you to stay fuller longer, and therefore spend less time eating and more time enjoying the outside life post-lockdown.

Inside are also a cast of quarantine characters to keep you company during your meals. Flip through, look back, and laugh at the ridiculous times and good meals. Whether you're in a pandemic or not, these recipes will help you maximize your protein intake in dire situations such as meat shortages, lockdowns, or just being too lazy to go outside. Even when you're out and about in the world again, you'll find yourself wanting to cook at home because that's how indulgent these recipes taste.

Authors: Tran, Katherine

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/13/2021 10:17:30 AM

Format: epub




Language: English



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