Quick & Easy Pressure Cooker: More Than 80 Time

A collection of more than 80 fast, simple recipes to impress family and friends, reduce energy bills, and revolutionize the way home cooks think about cooking

It's not necessary to spend hours in the kitchen to create great meals with a fast and energy-efficient pressure cooker, anyone can make delicious dinners and delectable desserts in only a fraction of the time. Just throw in the ingredients and let the pressure cooker do all the work. Recipes include Chunky Pea and Ham Soup Beef Short Ribs with Molasses, Bourbon and Thyme Mushroom Risotto Zucchini with Mint and Feta and Chocolate and Banana Bread and Butter Pudding. Includes dual measures.

Authors: Murdoch Books

Date: 2012

Upload Date: 9/15/2020 6:46:48 AM

Format: EPUB

Pages: 1



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 1742662714


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