Recipes and Remedies: Using Honey and Other Bee Products to Sweeten Your Life .

When you spend a lot of time around bees, you find yourself immersed in a buzzing world full of mystery and wonder. Beekeeping involves care and consideration for the ladies in yellow and black and it tends to inspire an interest in anything related to bees – crafting included!

Recipes and Remedies: Using Honey and Other Bee Products to Sweeten Your Life is an indispensable resource for anybody interested in making recipes and crafting with products from the hive. It has something for everybody, whether youre an urban gardener, expert beekeeper, DIY pro, or simply looking for a new hobby. The creators of the Beepod, a unique top bar beehive, will help you safely and confidently dive into the art of bee crafting.

Always advocating for sustainable beekeeping, Beepods compiled their first collection of recipes and more as a way to spread their love of bees and show everybody they can play a role in saving our pollinators too.

Beepods will walk you through using bee products – honey, beeswax, and propolis – to create bath products, home remedies, and delicious honey-based recipes you can enjoy all year long. Woven between the recipes are pages of fascinating bee facts and stories from a beekeeper to get you buzzing.

Using minimal ingredients and with helpful tips and tricks, anybody from the seasoned beekeeper to somebody who just loves honey can find joy in their bee crafting experience.

Authors: Caitlin Knudsen, Erin Ylvisaker, Brian Schweitzer, Sam Joseph, Brad James, Ylvisaker, Erin, James, B

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/13/2021 6:13:35 PM

Format: pdf




Language: English



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