Thirty Shades of Milkshake: An Ally to Deliciousness,2020 .

I still remember it was a winter night when I sneaked out of my dormitory around midnight to have an amazingly delicious Oreo shake. Yeah, judge me for that, but I believe almost the whole globe has the same romantic relations with milkshakes, and I am just a mere part of this vicious cycle. I sometimes end up day-dreaming about weird food combinations and memories surrounding it, and this particular time guess what, it made me think about milkshake – a guilty pleasure that I am comfortable admitting of.

When I was young, Milkshakes were more like a tradition at my place, and I can shamelessly admit that the affair we had (me and milkshakes), was not a childhood infatuation, it's more than that. I would describe this love affair as – the cool breeze that made my summers sweeter and warm hugs that made my winters cozy. It was the sugar rush every soul craved for.

Food and drinks are the sources of many memories, and my heart is in milkshakes. I can explain it as nothing more but "irresistible.'' So, what's your childhood hangover -if none here's the perfect deal for you to spread out a sweet treat for you and your loved ones, for each time your body craves sugar, but your mind doesn't want to bake.

Authors: Patricia Baker

Date: 2020

Upload Date: 4/13/2021 7:59:05 PM

Format: pdf

Pages: 84



Language: English



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