Vegetarian Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Cooking Quick Vegetarian Meals In One Pot Pressure Cookers .

NOTE: Nutritional information included for every recipe!

Many people who say they dont have time to cook at home usually turn to instant food products and fast food for their daily meals. While this spells convenience, its important to remember that these kinds of food are loaded with chemical additives, fat, sugar and calories. In other words, youre putting your health at risk by making fast or instant a part of your regular diet.

But heres the good news. There are kitchen appliances like the pressure cooker that can make things so much easier for you. You no longer have to spend long hours in the kitchen to create a delicious and healthy meal at home. Some dishes would only take you less than 10 minutes. Surely, you have 10 minutes to spare even with your overly hectic schedule.

Dont make the mistake of thinking that pressure cookers are only for meat and poultry. Vegetarians will also love using this kitchen device as it can help them whip up delectable vegetable meals.

Authors: Jamie Prescott

Date: 2017-04-23

Upload Date: 4/25/2017 5:26:54 PM

Format: ePUB

Pages: 80



Language: English



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