Saving Public Higher Education: Voices from the Wasteland .

In this book, eleven recent college graduates describe in vivid detail their journeys from racially segregated, underfunded public schools to a state university, and the obstacles they encountered along the way. Chapters highlight personal accounts of poverty, violence, and bullying in childhood, the persistence of racism on the university campus and the inability of faculty and administrators to combat it. Overcoming all-too-common barriers, these eleven students persevered, earned their degrees and continued on to graduate school and professional careers. The authors conclude the book with policy proposals that not only address the issues raised by the students, but that would also restore public education to its original role as an engine of opportunity and driver of democracy.
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Authors: no autor

Date: 2021

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Format: pdf

Pages: 392



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 3031056450


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