Teaching By Hand, Learning By Heart: Delving into the Work of F. M. Alexander .

Teaching by Hand, Learning by Heart is a collection of illuminating stories drawn from Bruce Fertmans teaching of the Alexander Technique over many years. They show how people from around the world, beginners or experienced pupils and teachers, have learned from Bruces explorative questioning, his suggestions and his use of touch.

Bruces multi-layered approach to teaching the Technique includes anatomy, imagination, sensory guidance, movement, thinking rather than doing, change of intention, and even the recreation of a difficult situation so as to meet and deal with them differently, consciously and with clear intent.

The stories in this book illustrate the many aspects of the Alexander Technique as it deals with the whole human being. Thinking, feeling, sensing, reacting, wishing, breathing and moving are all simultaneous processes of the whole individual, and Bruce delves into these processes, both singly and in combination, facilitating a fundamental change: a change in the response to a stimulus.

Such a change creates a more unified individual. These stories exemplify the indivisibility of the self. They enlarge our understanding of the many layers through which the Alexander Technique works.

One of the foremost representatives of Marjorie Barstows lineage, Bruces work is unique and innovative. Bruce is especially gifted when it comes to teaching in groups. Hes a philosopher, poet and writer who gives voice to what is wonderful about the Alexander Technique.
Michael D. Frederick, Founder of the International Alexander Technique Congresses

Authors: John Tuite, Fertman, Bruce, Tuite, John

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/14/2021 12:37:23 PM

Format: epub




Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: B08Y341V22


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