Word Jumble Bonanza: Guess English Words from Interesting Puzzles in this Quiz Trivia Challenge (Word Jumble Season 2) .

When a confused mass of letters sorts itself out in our brains, and turns into an orderly, useful, meaningful word, we feel happiness, and a sense of accomplishment.This is the premise for this series: that rearranging sets of letters to form meaningful words is fun, and can provide many hours of pleasurable diversion.This book contains hundreds of jumbled words each varies in length, so they will pose a challenge to all. To make your solving easier, each jumbled word comes with a hint, if you would like to use it. Answers are provided at the end of every chapter. At the end of the book, your brain would have had a thorough workout, and you would have been completely entertained.All the best!

Authors: Devanathan, Vaibhav

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/14/2021 3:55:56 PM

Format: epub




Language: English



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