Book Quiz: 320 Puzzles to Guess the Most Prominent Works of Literature from the Most Legendary Authors of All Time .

Easy to understand format that provides a challenge to solveThe format of each puzzle in this book is very simple: even if you skip the instructions (as everyone inevitably does, whether in a flight safety tutorial or in a book of riddles) you will be able to start solving right away by observing the format of the clues given to you in each chapter. Solving the puzzles is easy as well: in initial chapters, you will probably be able to guess 80% of the full book titles from observation alone. As you progress through the 32 chapters in this book, you will need to rely on the hints provided (the name of the person who wrote each title that youre trying to guess). In the last few chapters, as the book titles get more obscure and harder to guess, you might have to use the help of Google, or a list of bestsellers from the past, or even peek at the answers if all else fails. Recommended books and reading listsEven before solving the clues to reveal the names of the books in our list of bestsellers, you will be able to enjoy the lists for what they are: names of many books from the past century that will repay reading. The very next time you are subjected to a rainy day at home, you can pull up our book list, and improve your mind and broaden your outlook by reading one of the books you might not yet have encountered. This book is both a set of puzzles and a list of classics, so you can't lose.Literary Fiction's most timeless worksGuaranteed quality all through. We picked the books for this list from among the books that received the highest average rating from multiple online outlets, and aggregated millions of votes to make sure we brought you only the best. These books have stood the test of time they have made the transition from being classics of pen and ink and paper to being true timeless digital classics. This book will make sure you know their names, and those of their authors. Trivia and riddles for all agesAnyone who has either an aptitude for word games, or a deep knowledge of literature and best selling titles, will be able to derive many hours of profitable pleasure from this book. It can be enjoyed by readers of any age, and the clues and hints will help less experienced solvers get better over the course of the 30+ chapters. It can also be solved by people in groups this way, even the most intractable clue will prove to be as nothing in front of the concentrated effort of multiple minds bending towards its solution.A thorough mental workoutMost of us give our bodies the benefit of regular gym sessions (when we aren't too lazy, that is). However, our mental muscles are often left to atrophy. This book will combat that by combining the skills of pattern recognition and word completion with the rusty mental database of book titles that you already possess, you will be able to level up and solve pretty much every puzzle in the book. At the end of even a few chapters, you will feel the difference, and will be able to return, refreshed and invigorated, to your daily life.

Authors: Vaibhav Devanathan

Date: 2019

Upload Date: 4/12/2021 4:50:26 AM

Format: epub




Language: English



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