Consumer Behaviour and the Arts: A Marketing Perspective (Discovering the Creative Industries) .

Although the literature on marketing of the arts is abundant, very few (if any) full-length works have examined the other side of the coin and closely studied the people who consume the products of the cultural industry.
This book offers a summary of the knowledge garnered in recent decades by researchers exploring consumer behaviour in arts and culture. Each chapter explores a different aspect of consumer behaviour in the arts by answering the following questions:
What do we know about this aspect of consumer behaviour in general?
What do we know about this aspect as it relates to the consumption of art works or cultural experiences?
What are the practical implications of this knowledge for managers working in the arts?
What are the implications for researchers in this field?
This book fills the need for scientific and practical knowledge about the people who consume arts and culture and will therefore be of particular interest to managers of cultural venues and institutions, to students or teachers in arts management training programs, to researchers in the field, to public policymakers in arts and culture, and to anyone directly or indirectly involved in creating, promoting and distributing artistic and cultural products.

Authors: Colbert

Date: 2021

Upload Date: 9/30/2021 3:46:02 PM

Format: pdf

Pages: 158



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 0367207303


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