Cartoon Kid .

You'll never GUESS what Mr Butternut said at school today:

'This is your first day with me and I can see that there is something amazing about you . . . all of you are hiding a BIG SECRET.'

And do you know what it is? We are all SUPERHEROES. I nearly fell off my chair!

Then we had to choose our superhero names. I'm Casper the Cartoon Kid, my best friend's Big Feet Pete and moaning Noella Niblet – she's the Incredible Sulk!

Now we can fight injustice AND Gory and Tory the Vampire Twins. They've stolen something that belongs to us and we want it back – WHAM-BAM-JELLY AND-JAM!

Authors: Jeremy Strong

Date: Jan 2011

Upload Date: 4/27/2017 4:58:27 AM

Format: EPUB, MOBI

Pages: 160



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 0141334762

ISBN13: 9780141334769

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