The Duck Vinci Code and other Tales (Almost Naked Animals: Chapter Book) .

Featuring wacky cartoon animals in their undies, Almost Naked Animals is the latest hit from Cartoon Network. Get in on the fun with this chapter book based on two fan favorite episodes.

This wild and wacky cartoon is set inside a tropical resort called the Banana Cabana where all the staff members wear only . . . their underwear!

Two to three of kids' favorite episodes are now in this cute chapter book. Black-and-white illustrations on each spread bring all the hijinks to life.

Authors: Kate Howard

Date: Jan 1013

Upload Date: 4/27/2017 5:31:18 AM

Format: EPUB, MOBI

Pages: 112



Language: English

ISBN / ASIN: 0545492912

ISBN13: 9780545492911

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