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nutrition is important to all of us. What we eat has a profound effect on our health and our enjoyment of life. Although there is a large amount of valid scientific information dealing with
various aspects of nutrition, there is, unfortunately, even more misinformation. The average person thus has difficulty separating fact from fiction.
A team of experts from Mayo Clinic, the University of California Los Angeles, and Dole Food Company, Inc., wrote this book. The team included physicians, nutrition scientists, and clinical nutritionists. The information has been subjected to rigorous peer review not only by the writing group but also by colleagues at our respective institutions who have special expertise in various aspects of the book.
The book seeks to answer three main questions: What am I eating? What should I eat? and Why? The premise of the book is that well-informed people make well-informed decisions. The theme of the book is moderation. The standard is that all recommendations be based on valid scientific evi- dence. If this is not possible, either because the evidence is not available or it is inconclusive at this time, then the text is so noted and our recommendations are tentative and based on the consensus of nutrition experts. Another premise of the book is that accurate information does not have to be bor- ing. Most of us are curious about what is in the food we eat, where it comes from, and why one food is supposed to be good for us whereas too much of it may be bad.
The book is divided into two parts. Part I provides the reader with an overview of the principles of nutrition, including the basis for the Food Guide Pyramid and for nutrition recommendations, how various nutrients differ, and how our nutrition needs differ as we progress through the different stages of life. Part I also makes suggestions for menu planning, food preparation, and strategies for shop- ping, food storage, and food safety.
Part II complements Part I by providing information about individual foods and their nutrient content. The sections are organized according to the format of the Food Guide Pyramid. Part II begins with fruits, vegetables, and grains, foods that are at the bottom of the Pyramid and therefore should be the foundation of our food choices. Part II ends with foods that are at the top of the Pyramid and therefore should be eaten sparingly. The range emphasizes the extraordinary choices available to us all. Because of the sheer numbers of foods, those with similar nutrient contents are grouped, where- as those with unique nutrient content are described separately. Nutrient tables also are provided so the reader can gain a greater appreciation of which foods are particularly good sources of vital nutrients.
Writing a book can be both work and fun. In this instance, it was more of the latter. The book began as the vision of Mr. David H. Murdock, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dole Food Company, Inc. Mr. Murdock and his colleagues at Dole have long been advocates of good nutrition. The editors and Mr. Murdock began with a series of conversations as to how the book should be organized and whether such a book would add anything to the large number of books already

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